December 30, 2012


I turned 30 yesterday!  Yes, 30 years old!  J planned a special day for me in Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of Jack Daniel's.  With so many wonderful moments captured on camera (or iPhone), I had a really tough time narrowing down which pics to share on the blog.  Here are my favorites...

December 25, 2012


For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
(Luke 2:11) 

J and I are here in Columbia, Tennessee celebrating the holidays with his side of the family.  We wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  We hope your day is filled with much love, laughter, and joy!

The 2012 Sullivan Family Christmas Card

December 16, 2012


Our Bible study group had a Christmas get together last night. I took a few photographs in the beginning but forgot the rest of the evening. So we're missing a few people (sorry Jaime, Dan, Alexis, and baby Urban). We all shared a fantastic meal and played The Game of Things. Despite some early protests and complaints about board games in general, J ended up winning the whole thing. Way to go my Little Hot Blueberry Muffin! ;)

Jaime & Sonny's lovely Christmas tree :)

Cash (cute as a button!)

Elise (with yet another delicious dish!)

J and Matt (discussing Austrian Death Machine?)

December 8, 2012


J and I stopped by the OCH Art Market today and said hello to a very talented friend, Sonny Mitchell.  We know Sonny and his family from church.  Sonny is extremely creative and artistic (his wife is too for that matter!).  He makes New Orleans inspired t-shirts and paintings.  We've also seen him build beautiful pieces of furniture using reclaimed wood.  Recently, Sonny and a buddy started a business called Nolaware.  Here is a link to their FB page.  Definitely check out the glasses they make from old wine bottles.  They were quite a hit at the market! :)




November 22, 2012


J's family texted him this sweet photograph today...

From L to R:
Sister Jacqueline, Brother-in-Law Chris, Mom, Papa, Nana, Dad, Aunt Carolyn, & Uncle Art

It's hard living so far away from family, especially during the holidays.  We are so fortunate to be spending this time in Chicago with my side and look forward to seeing his side during Christmas.  So if it isn't obvious, today we are THANKFUL FOR FAMILY.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 21, 2012


J and I are on an Amtrak train to Chicago right now!  J's first train trip ever.  We are going to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, Grandmother, Grandmama, Grandpa, sister-in-law Alisha, brother Benjamin, niece Addelyn, and nephew Andrew.  Yup, I get to meet my niece and nephew for the first time!!!  I can't wait to hold them and squeeze them and kiss them!!!  J and I went all out, errrrr, my parents went all out, and got us a private room and bathroom for the trip up.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  Food is included in your ticket price so we'll be heading over to the dining car later for a steak dinner.  I feel like James Bond and Harry Potter right now.  Hope everyone has an extra yummy Thanksgiving tomorrow!  We'll be sure to post lots of pics of our adventure when we get back to NOLA.




November 12, 2012


J turns 31 today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!  We celebrated last night (kind of) with a steak dinner since he has work today and school tonight.  Poor thing had a huge test hanging over his head so it was study, study, study all weekend.  He made out in the gift department though....  I got J a new tool box and framed some old A&P stock certificates for his office.  Why A&P stock certificates?  Well, one of my first memories of J is us buying alcohol together during Mardi Gras at the A&P on Magazine Street.  A&P is gone now.  Replaced by a Breaux Mart grocery store.  But A&P will always hold a special place in our hearts :)  J also got an iPhone 5, some bike stuff, and JCrew Sperry Top-Siders.  Is he a lucky duck or what?!?  Despite a crazy work and school schedule, I hope I was able to make your birthday special, J!  I love you!

My favorite 31 year old :)

Birthday Dinner

October 31, 2012


What is a mummy's favourite type of music?
Rap music!

Why didn't Dracula have any friends?
He was a pain in the neck!

Why wasn't there any food left after the monster party?
Because everyone was a goblin!

Happy Halloween y'all!  If you recall, my place of employment has an annual pumpkin carving contest. Here were some of last year's pumpkins the various departments did. And here are some of this year's pumpkins...

elephant pumpkin

skull pumpkin

um... very scary pumpkin

r2d2 pumpkin

giraffe pumpkin

saints pumpkin

eyeball pumpkin

pumpkin going to the bathroom "makin pie"

I work with some pretty talented (and pretty sick) people, huh? :)  At home, I really wanted to do colorful painted pumpkins for our front porch.  Something like this...

I simply ran out of time and never got around to it.  I think J and I would have had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty though.  The idea is so easy.  You use painter's tape to block off the sections you don't want painted.  I took these pics from the Young House Love blog.  Click here to read their specific step by step instructions.  Guess I'll have to wait until next year to give it a go....

October 26, 2012


I was aimlessly wandering around the Internet yesterday and came across a recipe on The Country Cook blog for homemade Kit Kat bars. I'm not much of a Kit Kat fan so my interest level didn't immediately peak. During Halloween, as my brothers and I would excitedly walk from house to house, I always picked Reese's Peanut Butter Cups when presented with a big bowl of candy options.  Always.  Brandie, the country cook lady, said something along the lines of...  'These are not an exact replica of Kit Kat Bars but the concept is the same. Crunchy layers with a chocolate coating.  The recipes uses crackers instead of a thin wafer and it's got peanut butter instead of just all chocolate.' Peanut butter is what peaked my interest! I just had to give it a try...

72 Club Crackers
1 cup butter (2 sticks)
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 cup light brown sugar, firmly packed
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Line an ungreased 9x13 baking dish with a layer of club crackers.  In a large saucepan, over medium heat, melt butter.  Add graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, milk and sugar to the melted butter.  Bring to a gentle boil and boil for 5 minutes.  Make sure to stir constantly so it doesn't burn to the bottom of your pan.  Remove from heat and spread half the mixture evenly over crackers.  Do your best to spread it out evenly.  Layer with another layer of crackers.  Then spread the other half of the mixture on top.  Then, add a final layer of crackers on top of that.  In a small saucepan, combine peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Melt over medium-low heat, stirring constantly until completely melted and blended.  Spread evenly over top layer of crackers.  Cover with plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge for two hours.  You want that top chocolate layer to really cool down and firm up. Once it is completely cooled, slice into small squares.  You should be able to get about 2 1/2 dozen squares from the pan.

After having 3 squares for lunch (yikes), I can confidently give the recipe an A+!  The bars are very simple to make and the salty sweet combination is great!  Whatever J doesn't eat is being taken to Bible study Sunday evening.  I can't have this deliciousness hanging around the house.

October 24, 2012


J and I left for Memphis, Tennessee last Friday.  We spent the weekend celebrating the nuptials of my childhood friend Diana Hart Beazley (whom we lovingly call Dede).  You may remember that in June 2011 we took a trip to Memphis for Dede's sister's wedding.  That blog post here.  My family has been great friends with the Beazley gang going on 26 + years now.  A wonderful and treasured friendship.  There is nothing but laughter, smiles, and more laughter when everyone gets together.  So, lots of congratulations and well wishes to the newlyweds Dede & Jim! Thank you for making us a part of your special day!  Here are pictures from our very fun weekend in Memphis...

10/19/12 - Rehearsal Dinner - Mom & Daddy

10/19/12 - Rehearsal Dinner - Kristen, Michael, Me, & J

10/19/12 - Rehearsal Dinner - Mr. Tom & Daddy

10/20/12 - Me, J & Daddy riding the Memphis trolley.

10/20/12 - J, Me, Mom, & Daddy still on the trolley.

10/20/12 - J & Me at the Peabody Hotel to see the famous ducks.

10/20/12 - Lunch at Rendezvous

10/20/12 - Rendezvous Ribs

10/20/12 - Wedding Ceremony at Grace-St.Luke's Episcopal

10/20/12 - Mr. Tom, Bride Dede, Groom Jim, and Mrs. Kappi

10/20/12 - Wedding Reception at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

10/20/12 - Me & J in front of an art display outside the museum.

10/20/12 - Daddy & Mom in front of an art display inside the museum.

10/20/12 - Beautiful lanterns hanging from the outdoor tent at the reception.

10/20/12 - More pretty reception decor.

10/20/12 - Delecious wedding cake.  I had a piece of the strawberry AND the lemon.

10/20/12 - Groom's cake.  Jim is an alum and current employee of Delta State.

10/20/12 - Speech time for Mr. Tom and Mrs. Kappi.

10/20/12 - Dede and Jim cutting the cake.  Things got a little messy moments later...

10/20/12 - Me & J.  Last dance of the evening.