March 18, 2013


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J wrote a blog post! Are you shocked? His last foray into Blissful on the Bayou territory was December 2010 when he wrote about Jacques Imo's HERE. I'm so happy to have him contribute! Fingers crossed it's not another 2+ years before his next post:) So, without further adieu...

A few years ago I started bike commuting to work. My friend Stewart lived in an apartment complex only a block away from my office.  I would ride in, meet him for a workout at the apartment gym, and then shower and get ready for work there.  When work was over for the day, I'd head back over to his place, change into my gear, and ride home.  Once graduate school started though, I had to give up my bike commuting for a few years.  I simply didn't have enough time to make it everywhere I needed to be by bicycle.  My schedule has changed recently so I've been able to get back into commuting.  I took some pictures during my most recent ride home....
This is my locker at the gym in my office building.  I could really use more space but it does the job.  This is where my evening commute begins.

This is where I park my bike while I work.  It's is a Trek FX with 32c Vittoria Randonneurs.  Bombproof! 

After exiting the parking garage, I am by the busiest road in Metairie.  Luckily, the only time I am on the road is to cross a canal on the other side of the traffic barrier. 

I take this short path to catch a more residential route. 

At the bottom of the path is this beat up neighborhood road. 

The road is littered with these bad boys. 

Soon, I turn onto a freshly paved street with a wide shoulder. 

I take another turn and ride through the business district of Lakeview. There are a few restaurants, bars, salons, and boutiques. 

At this point I have to cross a busy 4 lane road w/ a median. From this point forward I can easily keep up with traffic on this street. 

Another, less busy intersection on the street 

Passing by the bank, getting closer to City Park. 

Crossing the second canal! My first of two **slight** uphills. 

On the way down the hill from the canal. 

And I finally cross into City Park.  Hooray for bike lanes! 

Lots of trees! 

Coming up on the roundabout...

The bike path solution to a roundabout. 

Sunset in the park. 

Beautiful Oaks.

Sun shining through the trees. 

Oak canopy. 

Old oak on the bayou. 

"Sunshine, on my shoulder, makes me happy." 

Gnarly oak on the bayou. 

More bayou.

Getting a little carried away with the scenery shots. 

"Fire! On da Bayou!" 

FYI: They have gators in that bayou!  K and I named one Taco while fishing one day. 

A dock they built while filming a movie in the park.  Filming is long over but it still stands. 

Spanish moss.

Our dog park, NOLA City Bark.

Some girl chilling with her pups and a book. 

Vertical gardens.  These are new.  I have no idea what they are, but I intend to visit soon. 


This is a weird underpass with a bunch of picnic tables under it.  Seems like the perfect recipe for bum central, but I have never seen a single homeless person here. 

My second slight downhill going under I-10 and a train track.

And preparing for the uphill. 

The old train depot. 

The park is busy!  70 degrees!

Riding around NOMA.

The sculpture garden. 

Elderly people doing Tai Chi in the sculpture garden. 

The New Orleans Museum of Art. 

Almost to my neighborhood. 

Some children crossing at the mini railroad track. 

Another (typically) busy street. Luckily, I am only on it for a block.

Turning into Bayou St. John. 

Really like this Craftsman house on the bayou. 

The Cabrini walking bridge. 

People walking on the bayou. 

Some folks drinking wine on the bayou. 

Getting closer to home. 

Another one of mine and K's favorite houses on Bayou St. John. 

More crappy New Orleans roads.

The American Can Company, which was turned into cool warehouse apartments 

Another shot of the American Can.


And like a good boy, I hung my bike up and unpacked the second I got home.