September 29, 2012


J and I went to the 24th annual Justice For All Ball last night at the Audubon Tea Room.  The Tea Room is where J and I had our wedding reception!  It was fun seeing the place all dolled up again.  Such fond memories.  And yes, J wore a tuxedo.  My very own James Bond.  J's accounting firm was one of the sponsors and we were honored to be invited and attend.  Big Sam's Funky Nation played most of the evening and they were awesome!  Will definitely be looking up their show schedule to see them again.  The food was delicious!  We got to have Felipe's, Galatoire's, K-Paul's, Cafe Reconcile, Serendipity, Dickie Brennan's, Creole Creamery, and Sucre all in the same night!  Those weren't even half the participating restaurants.  But sadly, we got full before making our way around the entire room.

All the proceeds from last night benefit The Pro Bono Project (PBP).  PBP's mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the poor.  So often, many of PBP's clients don’t have the resources, or even understand that the problem they have requires a legal solution.  So PBP to the rescue!

Photographs from our evening...



Me and J

Big Sam's Funky Nation

Jenna and Me


Why am I posting a picture of a pumpkin and tortoise headband? Let me brag/gush for a moment... J ran some errands today. He got a haircut, went grocery shopping, nothing major. We normally go together but I wasn't feeling 100% and had a book analysis to finish for school. He came home and I met him outside to carry things in the house. When I saw the pumpkin and the headband in the trunk I got the biggest smile!  How lucky am I?!  J could have brought home a dozen roses and box of chocolates but it wouldn't have had the same effect. For me, the pumpkin and headband were a million times more thoughtful. #1 - I've wanted a tortoise headband for 8+ months. I had purchased one from J.Crew a while ago and was incredibly disappointed in the quality. After 2 wears it would no longer hold its shape. #2 - I love holidays and decorating for them. J could care less whether or not we have a pumpkin on our porch but he knew I'd be excited.

There is an article I read on the Focus on the Family website last week titled Ten Secrets to a Successful Marriage.  I'm a HUGE Focus on the Family fan by the way! So, the very first secret says, "Happiness is not the most important thing. Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness will come and go. Successful couples learn to intentionally do things that will bring happiness back when life pulls it away."  Life wasn't exactly pulling my happiness away today, but I know that when it does, J will be there to intentionally bring it back with a pumpkin and headband :)  Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful, J!

September 4, 2012


We survived!

08/28/12 - We filled the tub with water in preparation.  Not sure why the water looks green...

08/29/12 - The wind and rain are picking up.

08/29/12 - Part of our roof/siding flapping in the wind.

08/29/12 - The neighbor's banana tree came down over the fence.

08/29/12 - Practically every power line on our street came down.

08/31/12 - Entergy Power Outage Map (Red = bad!)

09/02/12 - Our street made the Times Picayune!