February 25, 2013


After lunch at Cowbell (see previous post), J and I went on a tour of the Old New Orleans Rum distillery with his parents. J and I have both done the Abita Brewery tour across the lake multiple times. But this was our first rum distillery tour. The tours are Monday thru Friday at 12, 2, and 4pm. On Saturdays the tours are at 2 and 4pm. They're closed to the public on Sundays. It's $10 per person but that includes a tasty alcoholic beverage at the beginning (Cajun sweet tea for our tour) and shots of the different rum varieties at the end of the tour. We also had the pleasure of sampling their newest endeavor, Gingeroo!  Straight from the source, "Gingeroo is a premium, handcrafted, ready-to-drink cocktail, made in New Orleans with award-winning Old New Orleans Crystal Rum. We small-batch blend our rum with fresh and bubbly ginger soda and pure Louisiana sugar cane to create this super special and refreshing cocktail... look us up next time you're thirsty."  The drink was spicy but we really liked it.  We drove to the distillery ourselves but if you're visiting from out of town and without a car, they offer complimentary transportation from a few different spots around the French Quarter. Check out the website for more info.  Now time for some Old New Orleans Rum distillery sights...

"Research and development."

I don't know what this is but I want one.


J's family was in town this past weekend for the Rock 'n' Roll marathon.  We had a great time hanging out with his parents, sister, and brother-in-law!  Wish they could have stayed longer.  We were contemplating where to grab lunch on Saturday (which is always a task in NOLA with so many excellent choices!) and decided Cowbell would be a good lunch spot.  The last time Cowbell was mentioned on the blog was during our Burger Joint Journey (results HERE).  I've been a Cowbell fan ever since.  Probably even more so than J.  Everything from the hipster vibe, flea market finds adorning the walls, and delicious food... you can't go wrong!

I ordered the special... "Low Country Ham & Eggs."  Cowbell's version of Shrimp & Grits (Country Ham, Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, and Gruyere Grits served with 2 over easy eggs)

J's parents... Mrs. Lynette & Mr. Terry :)

February 16, 2013


Today was the third annual gumbo cook-off.  Except, normally it's a chili cook-off (read about last year's event HERE).  But seeing how we're in New Orleans, gumbo makes a lot more sense. Great idea to switch it up I think. The event was organized by our friends Sonny & Jaime. The money raised benefits children with congenital heart defects. Their own son Cash (who occasionally graces our blog with his presence) was born with a heart defect so they know personally how important it is to financially help the families impacted.

J entered his "Spicy Rocky Top Chili" last year (it was delicious) and entered his "Bet You Didn't Know You Like Brussel Sprouts Gumbo" this year (it too was delicious). However, we did not count on there being so many brussel sprouts haters out there.  I would say 90% of the folks at the event walked right on by.  They had no interest in even trying a bite of the gumbo once they saw the words brussel sprouts.  Poor market research on our part ;)

Just like last year, the event was a huge success and it was nice to see so many people come out for a good cause.

Me & J

Seafood Gumbo

All the entries

Jenna, Joe, & Kaila

Raffle Prizes

J's Gumbo Sign

Hosts/Organizers/Awesome Friends: Jaime & Sonny

No longer gumbo novices... Jenna & J

February 15, 2013

V-DAY 2013

Who's ready to get corny?  Yesterday was Valentine's Day so J and I were extra lovey dovey.  The morning started out with a sweet text message exchange...

The Texts

Um, can I just tell you my heart melted when he texted me a picture of the "yes" checked box. Not because I thought he'd choose the "no" or "maybe" options. But because I thought he'd just type his answer. The handwritten photographic reply.... It's the little things people!

Later that evening, J came home from work and I had the wine poured, music playing, candles lit, and dinner ready. We exchanged cards and J surprised me with a box of chocolates from Sucre. The chocolates were so yummy we actually ending up eating the entire box BEFORE dinner! The peanut butter and jelly chocolates and bananas foster chocolates were amazing! We ended the evening by watching a James Bond movie and cuddling on the couch. We decided the other month to watch all the James Bond movies in order from start to finish. So we happened to be on the fifth film, You Only Live Twice. Still 18 more movies to go! It really was a perfect evening and I wouldn't change a thing. Hope yours was just as great!

V-Day Card for J

Special heart touch on the chicken pot pie crust!

My Valentine

Sucre Chocolates

February 14, 2013



J and I have needed a new office chair for quite some time.  As you can see from the photo, the old one has been falling apart.  We had looked online for a replacement and checked out some local stores but everything seemed so pricey.  Well, yesterday we hit the jackpot!  J and I ran over to Canal Furniture Liquidators on Toulouse Street.  The place is literally .4 miles from the the house and we had never been before.  They had 20 or so chairs, all different styles, and the most expensive chair was only $34!  We ended up picking the chair below for $19!  Yes, $19!  What a steal, right?  So feel free to come on over and try our new (very stable and not falling apart) computer chair.


And before I forget... it's Valentine's Day today!  J and I are celebrating at home tonight.  I'm in charge of the main course (he requested chicken pot pie) and he's in charge of dessert.  I'm off to finish making my homemade V-day card.  Happy Heart Day, y'all!

February 13, 2013


Sadly, J and I are not the ones saying hello from Hawaii.  But our nephew Andrew and niece Addelyn are...

I can't even stand it... they are just too adorable!  And getting bigger by the second!  I hate that we live so far away and don't get to see them regularly.  Maybe Benjamin and Alisha will send the twins to live with their favorite Aunt K in NOLA for the summer.  Or maybe J and I should just pack up and move to Hawaii.  There could be worse things in life.  I'm sure we'd eventually get over our crawfish and king cake withdraws.


Billie Lu Bayou got her sutures removed this morning at South Paws and started physical therapy on the underwater treadmill.  It took some major coaxing to get Bayou inside the contraption.  She was incredibly leery!  But once inside, the tank filled with water and Bayou was good to go!  Her tail was wagging the entire session :)  She'll go 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks.  I'm so happy our pup is healing like a superstar!

February 12, 2013


Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!  Hope your carnival season was filled with beads, beads, and more beads!

02/02/13 - The Elvis King Cake from Cochon Butcher
(peanut butter and banana filling with marshmallow and bacon on top)

02/09/13 - J waiting for Endymion to roll...

02/09/13 - Cash and Sonny

02/09/13 - Always fun hanging out with Lisa & Adam!

02/09/13 - ENDYMION

02/09/13 - ENDYMION

02/09/13 - ENDYMION

02/09/13 - Love my J