September 18, 2011


J and I watched The Big Lebowski last night under the stars courtesy of NOLA Drive-In.  We met up with some of J's friends from work.  The movie was screened on the rooftop of a parking garage (848 Carondelet Street) and was $5 per person for entry.  People came on foot, bikes, mopeds, and of course cars.  They had beer and pizza for sale once you reached the top level.  It was SO much fun!! I definitely want to go again!!  The weather was amazing and the skyline view was beautiful.  On the NOLA Drive-In Facebook page, they said they are thinking of doing a horror flick for Halloween.  I'm not a fan of scary movies but I'll go anyway just for the atmosphere of it all.  The only thing that would have made the night more perfect... a White Russian ;)

September 17, 2011


We completed our NOLA burger challenge a few days ago!  

Company Burger on 09/10/11
Cowbell on 09/14/11
Juicy Lucy's on 09/02/11
Tru Burger on 08/26/11

In all my broken leg hoopla, I had not gotten a chance to write the post.  First, let me share what J and I used to grade our burgers...

One of my amazing friends (love you Lizikins!) created the nifty hamburger grading rubric above.  She's a teacher in Northwest Arkansas.  Don't you totally think that is something a teacher would make?!?  She and her friends are still in the process of tasting their 11 burgers in and around the Fayetteville area.  Her exact words, "we put our quest on hold as we got a little burgered-out, but we hope to pick it up when it is cool enough to eat greasy burgers again."  With only 4 to try, J and I didn't run into that issue.

Okay, time for the grades.  Can I get a drum roll please...

K = 15 pts & J = 17 pts

K = 16 pts & J = 13 pts

 K = 12 pts & J = 18 pts

K = 16 pts & J = 13 pts

Further broken down...

1st - Cowbell / Tru Burger (tied)
3rd - Company Burger 
4th - Juicy Lucy’s 

1st - Juicy Lucy’s 
2nd - Company Burger 
4th - Cowbell / Tru Burger (tied)

Hmm, not a clear consensus.  Not to mention we weren't really thrilled with the way our tally turned out. So to determine the winner, we decided to go grab burgers for lunch today. Out of the 4 restaurants, where did we pick to go? What were we craving? Which burger truly stole our hearts? Company Burger! And there you have it folks, according to our expertise, Company Burger is the best new burger joint in NOLA! Stop the presses. Alert the media. Please keep in mind there were certainly no losers out of the bunch. Despite my last place ranking for Juicy Lucy's, I think they had the best onion rings. J ranked Tru Burger last, but they had an amazing peanut butter chocolate milkshake. So chin up to our 4th place contestants.

What will J and I try next? Any suggestions? I'm thinking best charbroiled oysters or perhaps fried shrimp po' boys. I'll let you know once we decide.

September 14, 2011


I broke my leg yesterday :(

My fibula bone to be exact.  Dr. Peacock (isn't that an awesome name?!?) from East Jefferson After Hours taught me the leg has 2 bones.  A big fat bone called the tibia and a skinny bone called the fibula.  I broke the skinny one which means a much easier recovery.  Thank goodness!

The details?  Well, J and I were jogging around beautiful Bayou St. John with the pups in tow last night.  Trying to get in shape and all.  Most of the path is grass and dirt.  However, there are occasionally small squares of concrete near steps that lead down to the water.  There is a slight difference in elevation, maybe an inch or two.  As I was approaching the concrete slab I tripped and fell.  I immediately heard a *SNAP CRACKLE POP* and started to cry.  I couldn't move my leg, let alone stand up and try to walk home.  We were less than a mile from the house so J took the dogs and ran back to get a car.  He told me Walnut kept stopping to turn around and look for me the whole way home.  Bayou on the other hand... not so much.  He returned with the car and off to Urgent Care we went.  They gave me a temporary splint (as seen in the first photo above) until I could see an orthopedic surgeon this morning.  I was praying the whole way there I wouldn't have to get one of the hard casts made from plaster.  I lucked out and received the big and heavy black boot instead!  I get to wear this beauty for the next 6-8 weeks...

September 3, 2011


We have had some crazy weather in NOLA this past week... marsh fires in Bayou Sauvage and Tropical Storm Lee headed our way from the Gulf. Since my Labor Day weekend plans include watching some Ole Miss and LSU football on the flat screen, a little smoke, wind, and rain won't interfere.  HOTTY TODDY and GEAUX TIGERS!

And now, a quick burger update... 2 down and 2 to go...

Company Burger
Juicy Lucy's on 09/02/11
Tru Burger on 08/26/11

I'll share our personal pics and reviews once the list is complete.