March 19, 2012


My sister-in-law Alisha is pregnant!!!!! With TWINS!!!!! Wonderful wonderful news for her and Benjamin! The whole family is unbelievably excited for them! They shared the news with our family a few days before Christmas and it's been torture keeping it a secret. Actually, their little sweet puppy dog Ava Grace shared the news with her "I'm going to be a sister to twins" outfit she was wearing. This is Ava...

This is Ava & J taking a nap a long long time ago... 2006 maybe?...

She is such a good dog and incredibly adorable.  If Ava ends up not being a fan of Hawaii, I'm hoping she'll come live in the Sullivan household.  What's one more dog?  Bayou misses Walnut so I'm sure she would welcome the company!   Anyway, back to the babies... Alisha is due July 9th so I hope J and I can plan a trip out there shortly afterwards to meet the newest members of the family.  This is such a blessing.  Please keep Benjamin, Alisha, and the babies in your prayers!

March 5, 2012


How cute is the ad above?  Clothing in the shape of the U.S.  Very colorful and creative Lands' End!

If you're on the hunt for some cute spring accessories and clothing, Lands' End has great stuff right now.  And if you catch them at a time when they're offering 25% off and free shipping, it's hard not to fill your shopping cart.  My striped scarf and mesh polo should be arriving any day now (thanks Mom!).

March 4, 2012


We live in the Mid-City area of New Orleans and wouldn't trade it for any other part of the city.  Sure the French Quarter, Lakeview, and Uptown all have their perks, but Mid-City melts our hearts :)  It's such a luxury to be right down the street from City Park, right down the street from Bayou St. John, and surrounded by amazing architecture and delicious restaurants.  And when the neighbors decorate street signs with pottery or hand paint "clean up after your dog" signs... it gives Mid-City that artsy NOLA touch.  You'll see what I mean...  The weather was beautiful today.  After a string of chilly and gray days, we welcomed the 72 degree temps and sunshine with open arms.  After church we took a nice 3 mile walk around the neighborhood and I brought our camera to snap some pictures of our favorite things.  Enjoy!

My wonderful husband J and favorite pup Bayou

Probably the most modern house on Bayou St. John.  I love the big windows!

Notice the alligator above the front door on the porch?  Soooooo Louisiana!

New Orleans Museum of Art and Big Lake in City Park

Pottery adorned street sign.  Just one of many.

Pick up after your pets people!  We do!