April 29, 2013


J and I went to a bowling fundraiser yesterday for an organization called Zaven's Wishes. The organization provides financial assistance for childrens' swimming lessons. J and I are both big swimmers, having spent our childhood summers on swim team.  We were even on our high school swim teams (shout out FHS Bulldogs and CHS Lions!). However, a lot of people in New Orleans and other urban areas do not know how to swim. I read an article last year that said USA Swimming Foundation research showed 70 percent of African American and 60 percent of Hispanic children don't know how to swim.  That statistic is mind blowing!  Such a large percentage!  Water safety is of the utmost importance so hopefully, with lots of support, Zaven's Wishes can address the issue.  Here are some pictures from the fundraiser...

AMF All Star Lanes in Kenner, Louisiana

The Dream Team

Awww.  Me and J.

The girls: Me, Jaime, Elise (our striped theme was totally unplanned)

The boys: Matt, Sonny, J

Action shot: Sonny

Action shot: Elise

Action shot: Elise

Action shot: Matt

Action shot: Matt

Action shot: J

Action shot: J

Action shot: J

No bowling shoes for us!  Sperry Topsiders all the way.

Pin Pals (hey, that's us) came in 2nd place!  Notice "behave" instead of "behalf" :)

Geaux Team

April 24, 2013


How did I J and I miss this?  We're 24 days late to the party!  I'm heading to Rouses now...


The past few summers have been wedding overload!  This summer will be no exception.  I needed wanted a cute clutch that would be neutral enough to use over and over again no matter what dress I wore.  The purses below all seemed to fit the bill.  I ended up going with number one.  Get ready for the "Havana" to make an appearance at a wedding near you!

1 - $88 J.Crew
2 - $89.50 Banana Republic
3 - $30 Etsy
4 - $268 Kate Spade

April 21, 2013


Bachelorette party?  Check!  Rehearsal dinner?  Check!  That means it's time for some photos from Jenna & Joe's big night...

Getting married in the Audubon Swamp under an Oak :)

It's official!

Bridesmaids Gillian, Michelle, & Kaila (missing Katie & Kristen)

James & J

J and I built this!  For real!  200 Buttermilk Drops from Tastee.

I thought their alligator cake toppers from Top of the Cake on Etsy were so adorable!

The grooms cake... Denver Broncos vs. New Orleans Saints.

Congratulations to the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Halm!


J and I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the wedding of our friends Jenna & Joe.  Friday night was an awesome seafood boil rehearsal dinner in a stately home on Louisiana Avenue.  The house was stunning and the company was fantastic.  I think my favorite part of the entire evening was meeting Jenna's family that traveled to New Orleans from all over the country.  I'm just guessing but J's favorite part of the evening was probably the food :)

Picturesque spot for a Louisiana rehearsal dinner, no?

Jenna & Joe.  Love the coordinating outfits you two!

James & Katie (Maid of Honor).  I think I caught James mid-sentence.  Take note it's another outfit coordinating couple!

Yummy yummy!  Boiled shrimp, corn, and potatoes.

Charbroiled oysters, my favorite!  I definitely went back for seconds, dare I say thirds.

J and I did not get the outfit coordinating memo :(

Speech time!  Cheers to Jenna & Joe!

April 18, 2013


Just got home.  Way past my bedtime, right ;)  I've been at Barcadia, which is one pretty cool place! It's a bar/arcade in the Warehouse District that has only been open for about 4 months.  I was there for my friend Jenna's bachelorette party but will definitely be going back with J so he can check it out too.  Pictures...

Jenna & Michelle playing a Marvel arcade game.  Michelle was unbeatable as Spider-Man!

Kaila playing giant Jenga!  It was surprisingly difficult.  I think the wood expanded from all the moisture and humidity in the air so nothing would slide.  We gave up after shortly after this...

I love pinball!  Slick Chick got the best of me.

Giant checkers anyone?  Jenna & Gillian are game!

April 8, 2013


As of yesterday, J and I can legally hunt in Louisiana! We spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday at the Terrebonne Parish Rifle Range in Houma, Louisiana completing our Hunter Education course and field test.  We passed with flying colors :)  J did so great in fact they asked him and a few others to stand and be recognized for their outstanding test scores.  J's finally ready to get some game!  Myself?  I'm not so sure.  I've really enjoyed skeet shooting when we've done that in the past.  But you can't even compare shooting a clay disc and a living thing.  I do not think I could ever bring myself to shoot a deer.  A few years ago I hit a deer on the Alabama/Tennessee border driving home one evening.  I felt horrible and cried off and on for days at the thought of it all.  It was very traumatic and that was just an accident!  If I ever go hunting with J, it would have to be for duck.  That seems slightly less terrible for some reason.  And if I end up never going hunting, I'm at least appreciative of all the gun safety knowledge I learned in class.

Houma is about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans.

The study material.

Our classroom at the Terrebonne Parish Rifle Range.

Our teacher Mrs. Linda (on the left) and a helper handing out our completion certificates.

We passed!  Hip hip hooray!