February 21, 2011


J and I went to Whole Foods this past Thursday and walked away with oodles of fresh fruit.  We bought the most incredible grapes, apples, mandarins and mangos.  Friday night we stayed in and had homemade cream of crab soup for dinner.  I may have overdone it with the Old Bay seasoning because #1 it was really spicy and #2 the soup turned an orangey pink color.  Saturday afternoon J and I met up with our friends Adam & Lisa for Salvo's Seafood & Deli in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.  The restaurant is only about 10 miles/25 minutes south of New Orleans.  Salvo's has an all you can eat boiled seafood special that can't be beat.  The 4 of us had no problem devouring the shrimp, crab legs, crawfish, sausage, mushrooms, potatoes, and corn.  At one point I thought Josh and Lisa might be asked to leave for eating too much crab.  Yes, they ate THAT much.  I forgot to take pictures at Salvo's but there are some random photos below from Google Images that give you the idea.  Saturday evening we went to our first Mardi Gras parade of the season, Krewe du Vieux (http://www.kreweduvieux.org/).  The theme this year was 25 Years Wasted.  Mardi Gras will always hold a special place in my heart since J and I met during Mardi Gras 2001... BUT... I'm over the crowds, the smell, the pushing, the drink spilling, etc.  It's just not my scene anymore. I guess a parade or 2 every year is fine, but that might be my limit.  Sunday evening Life Group was at our house so friends from church came over and we enjoyed some jambalaya and lemon chess pie for dessert.  Are you asking yourself "how did they do all that, eat all that, and still find time for studying?!"  Well, that's the 1 thing J and I did not fit in this weekend and shame on us.  I guess it is back to living in the library starting today...

Oh, one last thing, when J and I were running an errand Saturday morning we noticed a new neighborhood had popped up in the Mid-City/Bayou St. John area (our favorite part of the city).  The houses are brand new but were built in classic New Orleans shotgun style.  If we planned on settling in NOLA and raising our family here, I would totally buy the light blue one!