July 26, 2013


Behold... the long awaited beach vacation photographs are making a grand appearance...

Welcome to Fenwick Island, Delaware!

Uncle J and little Miss Addelyn in her cute watermelon bikini.

More of Uncle J and Addelyn having fun in the sun.

Family of 4 (5 come November!): Alisha, Addelyn, Benjamin, and Andrew.  Notice we went from bikinis to hoodies?  Guess living in Hawaii has really altered their sense of cold.

Grandmother having a raucous time with her great-grandchildren!

"Hi," says J :)

I love this picture!  How in the world did J, me, and Mom get stuck carrying everything?!

My Uncle Michael is an amazing cook!  Especially when it comes to crab.  This was just one of the many crab dishes he made us that week... delicious Crab Fluff!

And if you're curious about what's inside a cab fluff, here you go... a huge lump of picked crab meat.

Welcome to Ocean City, Maryland!  Where my parents met and fell in love <3

J and me on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Uncle Michael and J enjoying Thrasher's fries doused in malt vinegar.  Yum!

Mom and Dad with their favorite grandkids. (Yes, Addelyn is eating the stroller)

This is the house my Daddy rented with friends the summer after graduating high school.  They certainly lived it up that summer.  If I'm recalling correctly, their party trick was jumping off the roof into the bay!  That does not sound safe, Dad!!  The house was/is really pretty.  It's right on the water and currently for sale if anyone is interested.  You know, if you have a spare million burning a hole in your pocket.

Benjamin and our cousin Timothy are twinsies!

Our view while eating dinner at Harpoon Hanna's.

J and Me <3

Another angle...  Yikes!

It's NEVER a vacation unless Latvian Highballs are involved.  We certainly missed "Master Kyle" and his bartender skills.  He was too busy flying helicopters in San Diego to join us.  Luckily, my Daddy and J picked up the slack.  Grandpa - you would have been proud with how much whiskey we went through during the trip!

Thanks for invite, Ocean City.  But I think we'll celebrate on the beach in Fenwick instead.

Haha!  Looking good in the background, Uncle Jim!

It was so much fun watching fireworks on the beach for 4th of July.  USA!  USA!

Oh no!  What kind of trouble are you two getting into now?!

Andrew and Addelyn in water bottle heaven.

Another crab dinner courtesy of Uncle Michael!  They were amazing!  Steamed and covered in Old Bay.  Nobody does crabs like Maryland.  Sorry Louisiana.  Now you know where my loyalty lies.

Dig in y'all!

I'll end with this picture...  One of my favorites from the trip.  Andrew is very concerned about sharing his sippy cup with Uncle J.  Haha.