January 1, 2014


"TODAY is the first blank page of a
365 page book.  Write a good one."

Happy 2014!  J and I spent the last day of 2013 traveling.  5+ hours from Honolulu to San Francisco, a 3 hour layover in the San Fran airport, then 4+ hours from San Francisco to New Orleans.  J and I had our midnight kiss in a taxi cab.  As the driver/Hindu Priest from India safely drove us home in the drizzling rain, we admired the neighborhood fireworks shows surrounding us.  2013 brought many new experiences and blessings.... friends' weddings, beach trips, hunting licenses, a family reunion, promotions and raises, Christmas in Hawaii, and a new niece named Cora.  You have big shoes to fill, 2014.  Big shoes indeed.

P.S. - I promise there will be Hawaii pics coming soon!  J and I took more than 900 photographs so I have to go through and edit some before they're posted on the blog.

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