December 15, 2011


Christmas came early in the Sullivan household this year! My parents very kindly bought me a new couch and dresser as my Christmas and birthday presents. I picked out the Kivik sofa/chaise lounge combination and a white Hemnes dresser from one of my favorite stores... IKEA! Hip hip hooray for IKEA and awesome parents! They get a bad rap sometimes (IKEA, not my parents). Just ask J. He doesn't share my enthusiasm for the Swedish retail giant. When you mention IKEA to him I'm pretty sure he'll start to complain about the incomprehensible directions and particleboard. And sure, those are valid complaints. But there's so much great stuff about IKEA that I can't help but forgive those issues.

IKEA preaches taking responsibility for the environment.  Apparently, all their employees are strongly encouraged to recycle. So much so that they don’t even have trash bins at their desks. They have to walk and deposit their trash in a common bin. The other hallmark of IKEA is great value. Straight from the horse's mouth, "the basic thinking behind all IKEA products is that low prices make well-designed, functional home furnishings available to everyone. We are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently and always cost-effectively." And the proof is in the pudding... an IKEA frying pan $2.99 and a Walmart frying pan $6.26. An IKEA shower curtain $3.99 and a Walmart shower curtain $8.47. Do you love meatballs? You can get 15 delicious Swedish meatballs served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries for only $3.99. If $3.99 is over your budget you can go with the $.99 breakfast plate that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes. I could go on and on.

Re-live our furniture journey with J.  He spent a majority of last weekend building the sofa and dresser...

TA DA :)  All finished...

Thank you Mom and Dad for the great presents and thank you J for doing a lovely job putting it all together!  What would I do without y'all?!

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