December 22, 2011


Christmas is only 3 days away! 2 days away in 10 or so minutes! J and I are up right now finishing some last minute packing for California. That's right, we are headed to beautiful Southern California in the AM and won't be back until 2012. I get to spend the holidays with my Mom, Dad, brothers, sister-in-law, Grandparents, Latvian relatives, and best buddy Kiersten.  And speaking of Kiersten, check out the picture she texted me from Denver this morning...

It's beautiful!  Looks like a postcard!  Denver has gotten a lot of snow lately so hopefully her flight to California won't be delayed.

Also, I wanted to quickly share some Christmas cards with you.  The first picture is personal cards J and I have received this year.  I should have come up with a more creative way to display them.  The scotch tape on the fridge method had to suffice.  I love each and every card.  It's always so much fun to receive the cards, letters, and pictures from friends and family that we don't get to visit with often.  The last two pictures are actually cards my department received at work.  I thought they were pretty clever though and wanted to share...  

Peter Mayer Advertising

I'm going to try and write a blog post or two from California.  But in case I'm not able...


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